IMPACT World+ is a life cycle impact assessment method used to convert the inventoried inputs and outputs of the product system into four considered environmental impact indicators.

Human Health (HH)

(endpoint method v 1.49)
LCA Calc Icon Human Health 1
DALY (disability adjusted life years)
Accounts for the effect on human health caused by climate change, water use, toxic substances (carcinogens and non-carcinogens), substances that cause respiratory problems, that generate ionizing radiations and deplete the stratospheric ozone layer. Represents an estimate of the years of life lost in good health.

Ecosystem quality (EQ)

(endpoint method v 1.49)
LCA Calc Icon Ecosystem Quality
PDF.m2.yr (potentially disappeared fraction of species over a certain area over a certain time)
Accounts for the effect on biodiversity caused by climate change, marine acidification, land use, toxic substances (freshwater ecotoxicity), substances that cause terrestrial and aquatic acidification, freshwater and marine eutrophication.

Fossil energy use (FEU)

(midpoint method v 1.29)
LCA Calc Icon Fossil Energy Use
MJ consumed
Accounts for the energy content, based on the higher heating value, of the extracted fossil fuels as a reasonable proxy to assess the MJ deprived.

Mineral resources use (MRU)

(midpoint method v 1.29)
LCA Calc Icon mineral resources use
kg of deprived resource
Accounts for the fraction of material needed by future users that are not able to adapt to a full dissipation of the easily available stock.